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E-cig Have A New Life To The Tobacoo Industry ?

Electronic cigarettes have given new life to the tobacco industry, which has seen a steady decline in usage and sales in first-world countries, especially the United States. Ecigs are advertised on television and widely accepted as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes, allowing for an entirely new customer base for tobacco companies—particularly with the younger generation who have long turned their backs on cigarettes, and those who wish to quit smoking.
This, then, begs the question, who is behind this sudden massive anti-vaping campaign that we have seen over the past few months? The answer to this question is very logical once understood, but very surprising when you first learn about it. As it turns out, the strength and intensity behind this crusade comes directly from various state governments. Although masked as a pro-health campaign, making false claims about the negative health consequences of vaping, the sole motivation behind this war is money.
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