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Oumier Bulk RTA Preview

Brief Introduction

If you are looking for something to update your vape device, you can not miss the Oumier Bulk RTA. This product was made in collaboration with popular YouTube vape reviewer VapnFagan. Built from strong stainless steel and glass bulb tank, the RTA can endure light to modest drops because the glass is actually borosilicate. With a regular 3.5mL juice reservoir pre-installed, you may swap it out for a larger 6.5mL bulb-style juice reservoir for long vape times. Besides, a quarter turn threaded top fill system prevents any messy leaks or drips.

In addition, the postless build deck is made with angled terminals at the bottom and top hex screws keep builds in place. This deck is able to take bigger and more unusual coil arrangements because of the large open wire holes. And the deck has flat outside edges, which makes it super easy to get your wire cutters in. What's more, the Bulk RTA works well even with dual internal coils which assure massive vapor with plenty of flavors.  And, each puff occurs via triple 10mm long adjustable bottom air slots that channel air directly underneath the coils.

Oumier Bulk RTA Atomizer Parameters:

Brand: Oumier

Size: 28*39.7mm

Capacity: 6.5ml Max

Thread: 510

Drip Tip: 810

Airflow: Bottom

Refill: Top

Build: Dual Coils

Deck: Postless 4-screws

The package of Bulk RTA By Oumier Comes With:

● 1 * Oumier Bulk RTA 6.5ml

● 1 * Spare kit

● 1 * Glass

● 1 * Extra drip tip

● 2 * Shoelace Cotton

● 2 * Tricore Fused Clapton Coil

You can learn more and pick it from Oumier Bulk RTA.

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