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2018 Best Vape RTA - Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA Tank

Hellvape is an e-cigarette brand from China. What impressed me most about this brand is its e-juice. So for everyone to have a better vaping experience, Hellvape brought us a brand new product, Dead Rabbit RTA.

So what kind of highlights does this product have? In this device, we will get the same storage space as Sub-Ohm Tank, and we can rebuild the coil we want like RDA. The Dead Rabbit has four electrode columns that allow us to use dual coils or single coils. On RTA, you are free to choose the wire material you want.

Whether it's SS, Ti, Ni, or any wire you like. It does not limit your choices and has a better interactive experience. The gold-plated positive column ensures better conductivity. The innovative airflow control system gives us a better taste experience. It uses different sizes of air inlets for more precise control. So do you like it?

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