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8 Tips To Know Wismec Motiv 2 Vape Pod System Kit

Motiv 2 is a Pod Style Starter Kit from Wiscom. This product is popular because of its compact size, but the biggest reason for its success is its versatile ability. So what else do you know about this product? So come and meet it today.

What is Wismec Motiv 2 Vape Pod System Kit ?

8Tips helps you to know it

Motiv 2 Kit Size: 34.4*14.4*87.7mm

Motiv 2 Kit has 500mAh battery capacity and supports charging via usb charging port

Motiv 2 Kit is available in 2ml and 3ml versions, and is now available in the EU

Motiv 2 Kit has a maximum output of 10W

Motiv 2 Kit can achieve 3.5V constant voltage output

Motiv 2 Kit can achieve high nicotine e-juice or salt-nico vaping

Motiv 2 Kit with a three-color led light better reminds us of its working status

Motiv 2 Kit comes with multiple protection systems such as short-circuit protection, atomizer protection, low voltage protection, dual circuit protection and no load protection.

So this is Motiv 2, do you like it?

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