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How Does the Goddess Play the Electronic Cigarette?

Speaking of the goddesses, we have to say Vapor Goddesses. In this vast majority of the men's circles, the goddesses are like a breeze blowing in the heart of every vaper. Today let's to see how every goddess plays with e-cigs. Well, I know you will not care about what I wrote and dragged down to see beauty.

They are always the most special scenery in the crowd, not because of the best appearance, but the smoke around them.

How to select the electronic cigarette for the goddess?
1. Beautiful Appearance. Good looks always make the goddess more cheerful, and selecting vapes are no exception.
2. Portable Design. It is east to carry with the small size.
3. Simple. The simple refers to the simplicity of the function, and you'd better not buy DIY and Mechanical products, because most girls have no interest in complex functions.
4. E-juice. What is the most important thing to rely on to attract the goddess? E-juice! A variety of fruit and sweet flavor is the goddess's love.
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