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Wismec CB-60 Review

For an enterprise, catering to customers’ needs is curial for company’s sustainable development. Wismec has noticed the niche market of e-cigarette market, that is, to satisfy those customers who prefer nicotine salt. As more and more e-liquids containing nicotine have been promoted into the market, Wismec has launched CB-60 which is designed for high nicotine and nicotine salt e-liquid.

CB-60 is the first device designed for high Nicotine and Nic-salts use. With this e-cig, vapers can enjoy the vaping experience like smoking a cigarette and at the same time it will reduce the harm roused by smoking. Additionally, CB-60 provides the ideal Mouth to Lung(MTL ) mod that can offer a better experience to vapers.

Powered by a sustainable 2300mAh internal battery, the maximum output can reach 60W power, thus ensuring a rather long time for vping. When we are vaping, we don’t need to worry about its battery power being cut off suddenly. On top of that, the charging security is also ensured with its temperature protection system. When we are charging the battery, the electricity will cut off if the temperature goes too high.

Another spotlights of CB-60 are top filling solution and bottom airflow control. Vapers can refill the e-liquid easily and quickly by only unscrewing the top can. For newbies, it’s very simple to operate. If we want to adjust the airflow, we just need to rotate the airflow control ring simply.

From all these distinctive features of Wismec CB-60 , we can find that all these features are customer-oriented. Having used it for two weeks, I feel satisfied about this and I hope you will have the same feeling.

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