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Guess many of you will fall in love with the newly-released e-cigarette- SMOK PROCOLOR only at first sight. Today we are going have a review on it and find out whether it is a worthwhile purchase.

SMOK PROCOLOR is really eye-catching with its impressive appearance and design. There are 18 fashionable colors, you can always find one you like. In addition, the super large screen with 12 colorful lights on it, which can add great interest to your monotonous vaping life. What’s more, the shield-like screen will also attract people’s attention for it is not only but also functional.

SMOK PROCOLOR has a maximum output power of 225W. If you are a cloud chaster, you can use the Watt Mode. If you want have a good taste of the puff, you can choose the Temp mode. The fire button of the ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and easy to operate. What’s more, the SMOK PROCOLOR is able for firmware to upgrade so that you can get your vape up-to-dated and have a great vaping experience.

Having talked so much about its strong points, we still can not ignore its weakness. There is a prominent one. The 510 connector does not pertrude the top surface, so it may scratch the surface.

In a word, SMOK PROCOLOR does not have many improvements in terms of its performance, it is sure eye-catching and fashionable. So if you want to be a fashion icon, then you need to buy one. It will add you great charm whenever you takes it.

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