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Three-High People Can’t Smoke? Electronic Cigarettes Are Savers Or Evils?

  Cigarettes are dangerous for the three-high chronic diseases and too much smoking will decrease the sensibility to medicine. So quitting smoking becomes a have-to-do but quite suffering thing for three-high people. At the same time, electronic cigarettes called as the substitute of traditional cigarettes, which can not only satisfy smokers’ craving for tobacco and meet people’s physical and mental demand but also have no harmful substance, cancerogen and second-hand smoking so having no harm to others and selves. Are electronic cigarettes really safe? Can three-high people enjoy it without worries.

  Why can’t three-high people smoking?
  Three-high patients can’t smoke because smoking can excite sympathetic nerve system and increase the secrete of catecholamine and vasopressin, which will cause higher heart rate and blood pressure and vasoconstriction. The relationship between smoking and chronic diseases are acute effect and chronic effect. Acute effect means that nicotine makes epinephrine release, pulse faster and blood pressure higher especially while continuous smoking. Chronic effect means that CO and nicotine in cigarettes have a long influence on people’s body, which will increase cholesterol content in blood and aggravate atherosclerosis.

  What are electronic cigarettes?
  Electronic cigarettes are also called virtual cigarettes or electronic atomizer, which will make smokers feel like smoking cigarettes by atomizing the nicotine in cigarette oil. Smokers take in solid particles in traditional cigarettes while the vapor by oil evaporation in electronic cigarettes.

  Electronic cigarettes still have nicotine of high content.
  However, electronic cigarettes are just atomizing nicotine but not having no nicotine. According to general technical requirements for electronic tobacco physicochemical products published by the market oversight authority in Shenzhen in 8th, Dec,2015, electronic cigarettes have much harmful matters like nicotine. What’s worse, some of the electronic cigarettes have much more nicotine even than traditional cigarettes because there is a loose management now. The consume researcher on France also said some of electronic cigarettes have high nicotine content that even can kill a baby in the research.

  The healing speed of electronic cigarettes is so high that it will produce toxic substance “acrolein”
  Acrolein can cause gene mutation, decrease the ability of cell recovery from injuries and harm to retina, whose toxicity is much higher than formaldehyde.

  So the advertise of electronic cigarettes sounds harmless and admiring while smoking. But we everyone need to stay away from tobacco whether you are a three-high person or a healthy person for our own health.

  There are there suggestions to reduce suffering while quitting smoking.
  While talking about quitting smoking, how can we reduce the suffering of insomnia, anxiety and weigh increasing? The following is some advice for them:

1. Be determined to quit smoking
You can tell everyone about your determination of quitting smoking, like relatives, friends, colleagues, and get support and supervision from them. The standard by clinical scientific research is that smokers will get rid of nicotine addiction nerve in brain and the suffering from quitting smoking will disappear if they don’t smoke for usually three months so they must be determined.

2. Avoid the smoking environment
Reduce the time when you stay in the smoking environment and avoid others smoking in front of you. Human beings are social animals. So you had better avoid the temptation from the outer environment. Many people continue to smoke after quitting not because of their physical craving but because of their mental craving and the temptation from sudden matters and their surroundings. You should throw up everything concerning smoking and try to get away from smoking environment and smokers.

3. Transfer your focus to other healthy habits from smoking.
Try to keep busy and not to create conditions of smoking when you are free. While the carving foe tobacco is strong, you can make your hands and mouth busy by drinking water and eating some snakes(milk, fruits and nuts) or you can do some other things to distract your focus. And you can raise some habits which are good for mental and physical health to make a positive emotion and mentality.
Of course you can also try medicine for quitting smoking besides the above solutions but you must take the guide of doctors while taking medicine.

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