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Eleaf Invoke with ELLO T —— Providing Maximum Convenience to Beginners

There is a saying that goes " Technology transforms way of life" In facts, technology has provided much convenience to our daily life. Eleaf Invoke with ELLO T can be cited as an example.

For vapers, limited e-liquid capacity causes much inconvenience, especially when on vacation, because we need to frequently fill the e-liquid. On the other hand, if the capacity of atomizer is too large, it will cause inconvenience for changing flavors if the original flavor is not yet used up. Eleaf Invoke with ELLO T solves this problem with an extendable e-liquid capacity. With two different capacity tanks equipped in package, Eleaf Invoke with ELLO T is capable of having a capacity from 2ml to 4 ml.

Cleaning could be a tough job for some vapers if the vape design is not considerate enough. Eleaf Invoke with ELLO T perfectly solves this problem by a detachable design, which means that all parts of Eleaf Invoke with ELLO T can be detached for cleaning and reassembled when finished.

It is also very inconvenient for vapers if the vape can only accept tanks of a certain diameter. Eleaf Invoke with ELLO T has a centered 510 pin, which is compatible with atomizers up to 27mm.

Eleaf Invoke with ELLO T also provides much convenience for refilling e-liquid. With a cap on the top, we can refill e-liquid by simply remove the cap. Thus it is more convenient to operate and less possible for leakage.

Eleaf Invoke with ELLO T aims at providing the maximum convenience to customers. If you are looking for a vape that is easy and convenient to use, Eleaf Invoke with ELLO T would be a great choice.

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