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Do You Know About the First Ten Brands of Electronic Cigarettes?

      The market of electronic cigarettes at abroad is increasing at the rate of 200% every year. With the publish of smoking cessation order and the opening policy to electronic cigarettes all over the world, electronic cigarettes will take place of traditional cigarettes, which is a world trend.

      The products of electronic cigarettes in Shenzhen mainly are exported to other countries before 2017. The sales volume in China is zero. Domestic companies of electronic cigarettes began to take up the domestic market the biggest tobacco market in the world because of the state of foreign market of electronic cigarettes raging like a storm.

      In 2017, electronic cigarettes go to the demotic market again, sold mainly in online shores, offline franchise stores and supermarket counter. Many excellent brands of electronic cigarettes appeared in usual 2017, like the Love and Fate Electronic Cigarettes. The following is the list of the first ten brands of electronic cigarettes.

  • The first one: SMOK Electronic Cigarettes
  • The second one: Similar to Smoking Electronic Cigarettes
  • The third one: Interesting Smoking Electronic Cigarettes
  • The fourth one: Karel Electronic Cigarettes
  • The fifth one: Star Electronic Cigarettes
  • The sixth one: IMOUTH Electronic Cigarettes
  • The seventh one: Ovale Electronic Cigarettes
  • The eighth one: Kanger Electronic Cigarettes
  • The ninth one: Sinca Electronic Cigarettes
  • The tenth one: EGO Electronic Cigarettes

      The above ten brands are the results of several professional institutions and portal sites. Consumers should choose the ten brands or brands ranking first while choosing electronic cigarettes.

      In addition to the above brands, Eleaf's products are also popular. If you want to learn about Eleaf's products, you can visit Eleaf Vape Shop.

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