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As A Beginner, How Do You Use Your Wismec Motiv POD?

First of all, it’s necessary to understand its function.
Short-circuit Protection:
1. When the short circuit occurs before working, the indicator light flashes for 5 times and then power off.
2. When the short circuit occurs while working, the indicator light flashes for 3 times (reset).

Atomizer Protection: The Eleaf Motiv POD All-in-one Kit has a 15 second run time protection. The light will flash 10 times if the button is pressed for more than 15 seconds.

Low Voltage Protection: When the battery voltage drops lower than 3.3V, the indicator light flashes for 40 times and the device will power-off. Then please charge the device to power the device back on.

Resistance Test:
(1) When the resistance at the output end is larger than 5ohm, the light flashes slowly if you press the button.
(2) When the resistance at the output end is lower than 0.3ohm, the light flashes quickly for 5 times, suggesting the resistance is too low or potential short circuit.

Battery Display Function: The light will flash slowly or stay lit when battery quantity is high. On the contrary, the light flashes in frequency.

Having understood these functions, you can now operate your Wismec Motiv POD.
How to Power on/off:
Press the fire button 5 times in quick succession, the indicator light will flash 5 times to indicate Motiv POD is ready for use. In the same way, the device is powered off after 5 presses.

How to Vaping: Press the button and inhale.

How to Charge: Simply charge the device by connecting it with a computer or a wall adapter via USB cable. The indicator light keeps in red when charging and goes out when it is fully charged.

How to Fill E-liquid:
Unplug the cartridge with mouthpiece from the battery, and filling hole is at the side. Pull out the plug, and then inject the liquid directly into the cartridge. After filling, put the plug on again.

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