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What Should You Pay Attention To When You Drink Milk And Soybean Milk?

1. Avoid drinking uncooked soybean milk
Uncooked soybean milk is harmful to our body. Because soybean milk contains some anti nutritional factors that will lead to protein metabolism disorders and stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, causing poisoning symptoms. The way to prevent soybean milk poisoning is to boil soybean milk at high temperature of 100℃, so that you can drink it safely.

2. Avoid drinking soybean milk when you are fasting
The majority of protein in the soy milk will be converted into heat in the body and consumed, and can not fully play the role of supplementary nutrition. Before drinking soybean milk, you should eat some food to pad belly, such as bread, cake and other starchy food. The protein in soybean milk is fully enzymatic hydrolysis with gastric juice under the action of starch, so that the nutrients are fully absorbed.

3. avoid frozen milk
At subzero temperatures, milk will separate fat proteins, resulting the milk turn into water and taste will also become worse. Milk can be kept in the refrigerator, but don't refrigerate it.

4. Avoid milk, soybean milk and medicine to eat together
Don't drink milk after taking the medicine within 2 hours, which will weaken the efficacy and affect the body. For example, after you use Tomato Plant diet pills, you have to drink milk two hours later. Some drugs destroy the nutrients in soy milk, such as tetracycline, erythromycin and other antibiotics. Therefore, milk and soybean milk should not be eaten with drugs.

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