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Reuleaux RX Machina VS Sinuous FJ200

Features in common:
       All the components of Reuleaux RX Machina or Sinuous FJ200 can be easily disassembled for deep cleaning and maintenance purposes. From this point, we can see that when designing  the products of Wismec, the usage experience of customers is taken into careful consideration.

Different highlights:
       What impressed me most about Reuleaux RX Machina is its elaborate appearance while referring to Sinuous FJ200, it is its double batteries which leads to safer and quicker charging.
       Every time I saw Wismec Reuleaux RX Machina mod, I feel amazed at its beauty. Just I can't image how can an electronic cigarette could be so exquisite. But Wismec did it successfully. Inspired by the RX Machina Design aesthetic, JayBo designed the first RX Machina Mod with the signature Honeycomb Resin Sleeve. Differing from the conventional button configuration, RX Machina moves all the functional button parts up into the 510 section and has the smallest possible profile for a 20700/18650 mod. It means Reuleaux RX Machina has the most perfect function while at the same time is presented in the most beautiful style.
       When it comes to Sinuous FJ200, the first thing crossing my mind is its double batteries which leads to much convenience in safe and quick charging. In modern society, people’s life becomes quicker and quicker. We want to do everything more and more quickly, so do we while charging. But sometimes quick charging means insecurity. So Sinuous FJ200 occurs to solve this problem. It hails design cues from the original Predator 228 but with the addition of an updated centered 510 and larger OLED. Featuring an innovative temperature protection technology, the safety of charging will be greatly enhanced.

In my opinion
       If you place emphasis on the appearance, Reuleaux RX Machina is better for you. Everyone in the world is pursuing beauteousness. With this product, you can enjoy the satisfaction from the bottom of your heart and more importantly admiration from others. While Sinuous FJ200 may give you better usage experience due to its double batteries and safer charging.

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