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Oumier Maximus Max RDTA Review

      Oumier draws people attention since Oumier WASP NANO RDA gained a good reputation at home and in Southeast Asia. Recently, Oumier released the  Maximus Max RDTA which is made of high-quality Stainless Steel and has a 510 threaded adjustable Gold plated contact pin. So how's the performance, this is what I'm going to show you in this article.

      Oumier Maximus Max RDTA has full parts inside the package: The structure of this RDTA is clear and simple and is divided into 6 parts as the image shows below: Wide-bore Polyetherimide (PEI) 810 Drip Tip is fully cover the atomizer which looking good. By rotating the head cover and the external shell, you can adjust the level of air inflow. The head cover's damper rate is bigger than the external shell's degree of tightness which makes it more easy to adjust. The sides of the Maximus tank have long, horizontal air-holes that promote ample adjustment options to personalize your desired vaping style.

      The desk is responsible for top-filling, A plastic pad for dripping vape into the hole is more convenient and it suits for using soft drip tip and glass drip tip. The deck infusing uses the slotted screw with lock silk hole and users already get used to this kind of horizontal locking method. Oumier Maximus Max RDTA square guiding holes provides smoother airflow, the vape juice can be completely absorbed inside the 3ml tank.

      This RDTA has a broad available data range and has a good support for normal wire and flexible wire. The temperature of external shell is reasonable when in low resistance situation. The flavor is good when in medium resistance. the Oumier Maximus Max RDTA has good practicality and after months of adjustments(users who pay attention to this production should have seen it in Shenzhen fair) it improves a lot and has a good balancing since then. Finally, if you want a more cost-effective product, you can also choose Eleaf. For more details, please click Eleaf® iStick. Wish you a happy vaping experience.

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