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Taiwan Will Completely Prohibit The "Electronic Cigarette Accused" The Most Stringent Legal Provisions

Chinese Taiwan news network October 3rd according to Taiwan's ETTV cloud coverage, Taiwan's "Executive Yuan" held on 2 administrative and Legislative Coordination will be reported, "Deputy Executive Yuan spokesman Zhang Xiuzhen said," the Executive Yuan "and the" Legislative Yuan "to reach a consensus, that strictly control, the modified" tobacco Control Act "the future will be banned, the electronic cigarette manufacturing, input, selling and advertising, violators can be fined NT $250 thousand. In this regard, National Taiwan University law professor Li Maosheng said, "this should be the most stringent legal provisions."

According to reports, the Taiwan authorities, Executive Yuan said, "the Tobacco Control Act Amendment" for more than 10 years without "amending the law, several discrepancies" WHO "Framework Convention on tobacco control (FCTC) content, significantly behind the international, and 8 electronic cigarette nicotine, explosion, frequent importation and sale of law lack of control, so that the existing" tobacco control law "should be amended.

The "Executive Yuan" pointed out that the future of the Taiwan authorities will strengthen the regulation of electronic cigarettes, in addition, also include a ban on cigarette packaging, and expand the picture warnings to 85%, and the addition of the legal and medical assistance, to discourage smoking or refuse to supply under 18 years of age and suffered damage, can give assistance. In addition, amendment and revision, ban tobacco sponsorship, is currently banned after the release letter, "into the law".

For this "law", Li Maosheng said, "this should be the most severe law", the next step will have a cigarette and cigar provisions in the future also banned manufacturing, selling and advertising input, good. Because smoking is drug use, which is harmful to the survival of the Taiwan ethnic group behavior. What do you think of as a vape fan? Are you still visiting Eleaf Vape Shop or other vape online store? Talk about your feelings!

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