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Nine Characteristics of Hardcore in E-cigar

      In many people's eyes, an expert vaper is an existence of freak. you would like to pay a lot to E-liquid or some equipment; however, you are price player when you pay for our meals. In our eyes, E-cigar i s not only a kind of cigarette, but a kind of lifestyle, even is a belief. Let check up this nine characteristics, is that you?

1. Though you have numerous equipment and E-liquid, you would pay new products with no hesitation.
2. It’ s academic for you to know that what equipment should be allocated with what E-liquid.
3.  you can describe the merits and demerits easily of more than 10 equipment or E-liquid.
4. When you observe a new products, you would smell it at first.
5. When it comes to the electronic cigarette, you would launch into endlessly.
6. What you are most interested in when you anticipate in an activity is that anybody have the some favor of electronic cigarette as you.
7. you think that a man is boring if he dislike electronic cigarette.
8. You always name your pets as the brand of your favorite electronic cigarette.
9. As a hardcore of electronic cigarette, it's uncertain for you that whenever you would want to take it, so in order to a perfect dating with electronic cigarette, you would always be prepared including E-liquid, coil tank and electrons.

Comparing yourself with the above features, how many of them can be found in you vaping life. Tell us and share your vaping experience with us now!

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