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Do You Really Know How To Use Wismec Reuleaux RX2 20700 Mod ?

For newbies, it is difficult for them to find out the difference among various vapes. This is understandable. For most of them do not have a basic information of vapes, so they may be easily get confused by the sophisticated design which turn out to be quite simple after having know the right way to use it.

Here we are going to inform you the basic usage of Wismec RX2 20700 mod. First, telling from its name, we can know it is a 20700 mod, which means it can use 20700 cell. Besides, the Reuleaxu RX2 20700 mod can also employ dual 18650 cells. However, do you know how to change the battery. Well it is very convenient with the innovative push-pull design. You can change the battery simply by siding the back cover. Does't it easy to operate?

Besides changing battery, another question is how to change the modes of the RX2 20700 mod. Instead of reading the user's manual to find out how to switch the mode, my advice is to search on the Internet. Just type "How To Switch The Modes Of RX Mods" on the Youtube, there are hundreds of guide video. And you can learn from it. This is more vivid and impressive.

As for charging, it is also simple. Your RX 20700 mod (http://www.wismec.org/reuleaux-rx2-20700-with-gnome.html) can be charged by connecting it with a bank power or a computer. So do you know the basic usage of it?

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