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      The newly-launched design of penguin-shaped e-cigarette has made an unprecedented success on the market. With its high quality, novel design, superior functions, it has received considerable recognition and popularity all around the world.

      The penguin set is certainly a must have for all e-cigarette lovers. To start with, it is so attractive in that it has made great efforts on making the innovative designs and improvements. It has upgraded the former designs and added brand-new elements, making it a pleasure to our eyes and a treasure to our heart. Firstly, look at the kit itself and you will find that it is indeed very stylish and powerful. Its appearance originates from the real wild penguin, so adorable and persevering. The designer also skillfully changed the former vertical BVC coil into a horizontal one. In this way, the kit will offer greater clouds with simply a small capacity. Besides, by taking advantage of the ceramic which helps the kit maintain proper temperature, it also adopts ceramics as the foundation of the atomizing core, thus producing larger cloud and providing better taste.

      Furthermore, it is equipped with a 8.8ml tank made of PETG. Being more durable and erosion preventive, it appears to be safer to use and more enjoyable to look at. It also supports 2A quick charge, saving you a large amount of time and bringing you great convenience. Furthermore, it comes with a tiny battery indicator presenting the battery condition. It will remind you of charging when needed.

      There are several colors available and either of them is satisfying. You may find it satisfactory if you come and get one. And it will surely offer you the most unforgettable and unexpected experience.

      Finally, if you want a more cost-effective product, you can also choose Eleaf. For more details, please click Eleaf® iStick. Wish you a happy vaping experience.

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