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Talk About The Main New Equipment In July

Talk about the main new equipment in July

Let's see what good products are worth purchasing in July.
1.The strongest finished product is SMOK TFV12 (the same sentence, 350W not to paste your fears)
As the latest flagship SMOK, TFV12 supporting facilities are complete, in addition to many models of finished product core also comes with two RBA suite, taste experience is quite good, the only regret is the operation of the RBA suite some trouble (sold separately, of course, this also hate), but can yet be regarded as a good atomizer.

2.Young model tesla WYE200 (super light super cool)
The new host was produced by Engineering plastics, even if still very light with two batteries, skin feel unusually good, host also belongs to the department of youth fashion color, zipper personal feel very floating wine. In terms of performance, the maximum output of 200W can meet the needs of most current players, and there is no such problem as ignition delay, which is worth purchasing.

3.Taste up to the top of the blessing SMM RTA (production of a single RTA addictive WOTOFO)
Single slasher wotofo another masterpiece after the little snake RTA, as to why a name call "silly younger sister," I don't really understand. There are 4 ml terrorist oil in the tiny volume( the base bottom hollow is out as smiling faces).
With new electrode column inlet structure, and the appropriate atomization bin size, let the atomizer has a good adaptability, coil most data with fancy fever SiDou can get very good taste experience. GTA type of oil guide mode makes this atomizer do not have the problem of guiding oil shortage, can make a big gulp.

4.Faith upgrade VGOD elite mechanical rod (big fat few)
VGOD is a brand new mechanical pole, which is quite good in workmanship, and the appearance aspect (which is the appearance level) is very attractive to the individual. We all know that the diameter of the conductor affected its resistance value, which has sharply increased the rod mechanical lever wall thickness (to reduce the internal resistance), and the safety design is still done sufficient, the outer layer of frosted surface and curve of shaft makes the mechanical lever of grasping feeling good, the only problem may be the high level of quality and appearance of fans (someone like someone hate!).

5.Full-bodied upgrade of CoilART DPRO RDA (brand new structure, new taste)
The latest fire is the DPRO RDA atomizer, with its unique intake structure and the design of the non-electrode column, plus the extremely compressed atomization space, which makes the taste of this atomizer rich and extraordinary. The unique design of the mouth drops it to the peak of the resistance to the condensate. (the zipper is now a DPRO with a dribble.)
Of course, there is no way to ignore the problem of the common coils which cannot be locked due to the locking of the holes (and some techniques), and the tighter suction resistance will also make some players less likely to enjoy it.

6.One-second metamorphosis merlin mini armor RDA kit (new direction of drop storage swap)
When you have merlin miniRTA and merlin mini's oil armor, this means that you have four different types of atomizer, and there is no doubt that it is a very cost-effective choice. Extremely high coils compatibility (the gap between the single-handed inlet screw and the dismantled intake screw is great).
Minimalist replacement operation, excellent performance, the taste of smoke very low prices, these characteristics can make the atomizer become the sword of choice for novice players (for conducting oil cotton processing technology and storage quantity problem, so can only call it almost).

That's the list for July 2017, and then the official price:
1. SMOK TFV12 (activity price: 428RMB)
2. Tesla WYE200 (price: 288RMB)
3. WOTOFO SMM RTA (price: 248RMB)
4. VGOD elite mechanical pole (price: 999RMB)
5. CoilART DPRO RDA (price: 238RMB)
6. Merlin mini drop oil armor (price: 65RMB)

I hope that you can buy your favorite equipment at the most cost-effective price. I wish you all the happiness on your way to vape. PS: a lot of good experiences are based on hand work, such as: and winding, manual wire, etc. I hope you will try different data and coil making methods.

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