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The advantages and disadvantages of using HID grow lights in the indoor cannabis grow tent

We can now find HID lights not only in the cars, but also be used in indoor cannabis grow tent for growing cannabis, but do you know the advantages and disadvatages of using HID grow lights for growing cannabis?
High Intensity Discharge lamps, commonly referred to as HID generally use MH (Metal Halide), HPS (High Pressure Sodium) some HPS lamps are designed to be Broad Spectrum lamps (more like white sunlight) and are sometimes used for VEG and Flowering.

Many growers using HID will utilize MH for VEG and HPS for Flowering, some growers use a standard HPS for VEG and Flowering or a Broad Spectrum option. If you only have space or money for one VEG/Flower space use HPS. I suggest you should know the advatages and disadvantages before buy it.

The advantages of using HID grow lights

The least costly initially for HID fixtures only.
Replacement lamps are widely available.
Proven to be consistently excellent for large yields and quality product.

The disadvantages of using HID grow lights:

Uneven spectrum with excessive Green/Yellow means a bunch of photon energy is not used.
The seals allow gas to escape causing the output and spectrum to degrade in 2-3,000 hours.
High heat production can drive cooling costs up considerably and effect production and health.
High heat in Greenhouses may effect production and plant health.
Hid Bulbs use filaments and sealed metal caps.
High energy requirements may become costly.
Replacing bulbs frequently can become costly.
Ventilation and AC are generally required.

Require Compatible Ballasts and Reflector Hoods.
Ok, would you like use HID grow lights for growing cannabis? tell me you reasons.

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