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Eleaf iStick Tria Kit Portable Yet Powerful

Can you remember the days when it was rather difficult to find a desirable vape which was portable yet still powerful enough to sustain vaping for the whole day?  Now the days have gone and everything you desired has been realized with the birth of many tiny vapes with impressive functionality! Today we are going to introduce one of this kind-Eleaf iStick Tria Vape Kit .

With a size of 41mm * 41mm * 114mm, it is so compact, as you can see from the picture. when two iStick Tria Kit sit in your hands, you still have plenty of space left. That's the amazing part. Even with triple replaceable 18650 batteries, the kit retains a tiny size. What's more, it is powerful enough so that you can enjoy vaping the whole day without a let up.

Powered by three replaceable 18650 cells, the vape can fire up to 300W which is also one of the most powerful vape Eleaf has ever created for larger clod chaster! Cool looking also makes it very fashionable!

In a word, this portable yet powerful guy is exactly the one you need now! So high wattage fanciers and cloud chaster, hesitate no more and try it now!!

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