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You May Not Know The Differences Between iStick TC 200W And iStcik QC 200W

iStick TC 200 and iStick QC 200W have many in common like the same maximum output power. Today we'll focus our attention on the differences between the two vaping devices
iStick TC 200W is a box mod, powered by three 18650 cells.While, the iStick QC 200W Greece is supported by an 5000mAh built-in battery.

The most distinctive feature of iStick QC 200W is its cell balancing trickle charge system, ensuring that the two batteries are kept at the same level. However, the iStick TC 200W Greece features a innovative flip-open cover for easy installing of the batteries which is quite different from the iStick QC 200W.

After reading all the differences above, answer a the following question

which one is your favorite?
A iStick TC 200W
B iStick QC 200W
C Other Eleaf products

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