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The first way is by changing the bacterial

Dr. Oz explains that researchers believe that Yacon syrup works in two ways:

The first way is by changing the bacterial type in your gut from "fat-causing" bacteria to "skinny-causing" bacteria. The skinny-causing bacteria include the types Bifidus and Lactobacillus that take a sugar called "fructooligosaccharide" in Yacon syrup and convert it into short-chain fatty acids, which then decreases cholesterol synthesis in the liver and enhances tissue sensitivity to insulin.

The second way Yacon syrup works is by increasing feelings of satiety by decreasing the levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin.

"By having less of that hunger hormone, you tend to feel fuller longer," says Dr. Oz who adds that according to the study, Yacon syrup works best for people under the following conditions:

• People who are obese or overweight
• People who need more fiber in their diet
• People who are constantly constipated
• People who have elevated blood sugar levels
"But the biggest question remains—exactly how much weight did the women here lose? Could this be the weight loss game changer you’ve been waiting for?" asks Dr. Oz as he reveals to viewers his own testing of the effectiveness of Yacon syrup on weight loss.

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