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Kim is desperate to be sexy again

"Kim is desperate to be sexy again," a source tells the magazine. "She wants to go back to the way things were before North was both. She loves her daughter,  p57 hoodia slimming capsule but she loves herself and her image a lot, too."

The mag reports that Kim was with Dr. Ourian on Nov. 13 and a pal spills that she "is obsessed with him." Kim's rep told Life & Style that she does not see that doctor.

Kim's rep also revealed EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife.com: "She did not spend $80,000 to get her body back. hoodia capsule  The photos of her visiting the doctor were of her accompanying her brother who was there for tattoo removal — she was there to support him. She lost weight on the Atkins plan and exercising."
Kim Wants To Be The 'Sexy Sister'

Life & Style spoke to a Kardashian family friend, who said: "Kim loved being the sexy Kardashian and hated it when she was pregnant and  hoodia pills gained all the weight. She'll do anything to be the hot sister again. There's competition among the girls."

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