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Do you know how to set your own logo on your iStick Pico?

A good news for you: Eleaf has released the new firmware v1.01 for iStick Pico. A new feature you may be interested into is the custom logo: You can download or make logos to your preference and put the favorite one in the mod. Speficial steps you can follow to place your favorite logo on iStick Pico are as follows:

a. Open the picture you choose, edit it to be a single color picture of 96*16 pixel, and save it in format of bmp.

b. Download the file on eleafworld.com, plug the mod in via USB cable, and double click the EleafUpdate.exe.

c. Click “LOGO” and open the picture you saved, finally the custom logo is successfully put in the mod.

d. Press the fire button twice in quick succession when the mod is powered on to enter logo on/off interface and press up or down button one time to turn on or off logo.

e. When you turn on logo and the mod enters standby mode, the logo appears on the screen till the mod goes to sleep mode.

Have you learned about these steps of making your own logo now? If you show great interest into this feature but still without a iStick Pico in hand, recommend you this official authorized online store istick.org.

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