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Electronic cigarette battery safety basic knowledge

1, to avoid electronic cigarette battery charge and discharge.
Overcharge: make sure that every 15 to 30 minutes to see or check the charger, don't let the battery charge in the absence of supervision.
When has full of battery charger said, should stop charging. If blindly lazy filling method, a charge it overnight or longer charging time will lead to overcharge failure.
Electronic cigarette batteries more than 4.25 v can shorten its life cycle, persists for more than 4.5 volts may lead to burst. If it is found that the battery shows full of, then stop charging.
Discharge: the battery voltage is lower than 3.6 V, will be charged as soon as possible. If continue to make the battery discharge, will cause the battery capacity and the use cycle (battery life).
2, avoid electronic cigarette battery short circuit.
A short circuit will cause a current surge, is likely to burn out the battery, damage to machinery and electronic cigarettes, and even explosion injury!
When the battery electric conduction through a low resistance wire, exceeds the maximum discharge current of the battery discharge current, short circuit occurs.
When mechanical electronic cigarettes when working with low resistance atomizer, short circuit may occur, unless the control value, the current is lower than the maximum continuous discharge current of the battery. Be careful when using low resistance atomizer.
3, don't let the electronic cigarette battery contact with each other
The battery should be placed in the battery box to protect the safety of the battery, should not be loose in my pocket, Joytech eVic-VT 60w so it is easy to make the battery failure.
4, do not place electronic cigarette battery fire
The battery is dangerous chemicals, directly into the fire explode.
For themselves, for the sake of others, these batteries is best back to the battery recycling center.

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