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Butyl diketone in cigarette smoke more than 750 times the electronic cigarettes


A harvard study reported that a lot of electronic cigarettes contain harmful substances, but tobacco control experts study shows that the report data in fact greatly exaggerated. This report studies the Diacetyl (butanedione), Acetyl Propionyl levulinic acid (AP), and Acetoin (hydroxy ethyl ketone) content in electronic cigarettes.
Findings in 51 of smoke oil samples, 92% of products containing one of these three components, among them, 75% of the products contain Diacetyl butyl ketone.
Butanedione, is a kind of edible spices additive, which was suspected to be inhaled into after could trigger a called occlusive disease bronchiolitis. Occlusive bronchiolitis is a very serious disease, at present no other effective treatments except for lung transplantation.
So the harvard study report exaggerated the risk of butyl diketone in the electronic cigarette, said the electronic cigarette will lead to serious lung disease. But deliberately ignored the report that "in tobacco Diacetyl butyl ketone, Acetyl Propionyl the content of levulinic acid than electronic cigarettes are high dozens of times and even hundreds times. Not only contained in tobacco is significantly higher than that of the electronic cigarette, Diacetyl diketone and other hazardous ingredients are far higher than that of electronic cigarettes. Compared with tobacco, basic ignored electronic cigarette harm for your health.
Famous American tobacco, nicotine, electronic cigarettes expert, said Dr Farsalinos harvard report seem to be a reminder that electronic cigarettes are a new kind of health risks, but in fact, hundreds of times in the same part is contained in cigarettes. The report, harvard, is actually in the implant of Diacetyl diketone wrong first impression and exaggerate its possible risk.
Dr Farsalinos also point out that the most ridiculous is, in fact, cigarette users, found no cases of popcorn lung. Because the cigarette of Diacetyl butyl diketone content is much higher than that of electronic cigarettes, cigarette users were found no cases of popcorn lung, so because the popcorn to use electronic cigarettes and the risk of lung.
Famous American movement against tobacco Bill Godshall, according to the report, harvard is a regulatory policy to lobby for the FDA's electronic smoke, although there is no any effective evidence, it is want to scare the public. While on the study of the health effects of electronic smoke will continue for a long time, but the general consensus is that the risk of electronic cigarettes at least 95% less than cigarettes, and this is very, very conservative data.

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