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Electronic cigarettes: accepted by more and more American smokers, market demand is expected to expand


A recent study results show that the electronic cigarette can effectively help people stop smoking. The electronic cigarette industry is undoubtedly the major good news. The findings may prompt more smokers use electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarette demand is expected to continue to rise in international market.

On May 21, businessweek magazine, which reported that the electronic cigarette industry got a good news: this week in London institute of cancer research center of 6000 UK smokers trying to quit smoking was studied. Results show that compared with the use of external assistance or not to accept any help to quit smoking, using electronic cigarettes is more easy to addiction.

The research results are recognized and accepted by the journal hobby, at the same time, the us authorities are brewing and consider the new law electronic cigarettes. At present, electronic industry and health officials about whether the electronic cigarette smoke more harmless than cigarettes, whether can help people stop smoking, and whether teenagers will had a fierce debate issues such as electronic cigarette smoking addiction, opinion, guess, who also defy who.

Electronic cigarettes can help people quit the habit of smoking, which has brought enormous health benefits, from the point of view, the electronic cigarette will largely improve public health. Electronic cigarette market in Europe and the United States is developing at very fast speed in recent years, according to Wells Fargo bank, European and American electronic cigarette sales doubled during the past two years. Europe and the United States has become increasingly strong demand for electronic cigarette products manufacturing center in China, demand in Europe and the global industrial chain pattern.

Electronic cigarette comprehensive efficiency is as high as 85% above, help to stop smoking completely give up smoking, 45.28% of the proportion of basic quit as high as 41.51%. Electronic cigarettes in the prosperity of the United States, Europe and other developed areas, will affect the mainland China soon, in this era of consulting the speed of light transmission, the outbreak of Joyetech eVic-VT electronic cigarettes in China just around the corner.

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