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Running right weight will teach you how to run more and more thin

Running is a sport of choice for many people lose weight, some people run more and more thin, while the others how to run is not working, is also running why will have so big gap? But running are skilled, running method is wrong not only thin but may also get fat, let's take a look at how can run more and more Zixiutang thin.

1, running four times a week, more than half an hour at a time

Running the length of the best in 40 minutes, if the first had not been such a long time, can run for 15 minutes, a few days to run for 20 minutes, and then half an hour, gradually increased to 40 minutes. Running don't have to ask yourself every day running, the body also needs to have time to relax and kept running four times a week can be the same.

2, running speed should not be too fast

Need to burn fat is persistent, if you run very fast, don't hold out much longer body is much. Can run slowly, running speed is better to can talk.

3, run small step

Running steps need not have too big, pace is too big, it will be easier to fatigue, muscle also to run with the correct posture, can let the body motion in the most comfortable condition.

4, maintain smooth breathing

Running big breath breathe in, when you need to let air into the body, maintain smooth breathing is very important in the running.

5, the line of sight down slightly

Running the line of sight should read ahead a little bit down, just like the location of the see in front of the person's shoulder.

6, key forward

When running the body's centre of gravity should be slightly forward, but also cannot too too before, otherwise the waist will bend down, poor posture, the body will be easier to fatigue.

7, shoulders relax

Shoulder is not too tight, otherwise will not become natural swing arm, arm also will feel sore, so in imperceptible in will remind oneself shoulder shoulders hard to pay attention to relax.

8, your back straight

Running though the body forward, but must be straight back, the waist in a higher position, so running up also will be more easily

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