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How to Store Vegetables


How to store green onions? To keep green onions longer, chop them up and place them in zip lock bag designed for the freezer. In fact, freezing is said to be nature’s pause button and also works well with carrots and any berry.
Wondering how to preserve potatoes? Well, to keep potatoes longer, store them with apples. It turns out the ethylene gas produced by apples will inhibit the potatoes from sprouting. However, do not store potatoes near onions.
How to store fresh spinach or other leafy greens?  When storing greens in a bag or wrapped in saran wrap or aluminum foil, you want them to be as dry as possible. After washing the greens, shake them in a colander and allow them to dry. Remove the greens and place on the counter on a paper towel. Dab any remaining moisture from the leaves, then place them on a separate, dry paper towel or even a piece of newspaper. Wrap them up, then cover with saran wrap or foil and place in the refrigerator crisper.
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