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Kelp can help lose weight

Kelp contains high fiber and high enzyme, which can help stimulate defecation and fat burning. Kelp belongs to the water-soluble dietary fiber; it can wrap excessive salt and cholesterol, which makes it not easy to be absorbed by human body. It also has the effects of preventing blood pressure and blood sugar from rising. In addition, kelp also contains iodine, which can improve the activity of enzymes in the body.
In the process of weight loss, people will excessively restrict diet and lead to iron deficiency, which causes anemia. In addition dieting may cause the lack of zinc. Some people even lead to the disorder of physiological period just because of excessive weight loss. The benefits of using kelp are that the seaweed is rich in minerals; they can replenish nutrition and slim body.
The iodine content of kelp is very high, which can prevent hardening of the arteries. TCM holds that kelp tastes salty, it can alleviate poor metabolism, eliminate phlegm, reduce fat and lower blood pressure. People can cook it with garlic, ginger, pepper, star anise and green pepper. Doctors say that eating kelp more often is very beneficial to health. Kelp is rich in fiber, potassium and unique components which can affect the thyroid hormone secretion and increase the basal metabolic rate.
Eating kelp is advantageous to lose weight. Eating more can help strengthen the human body and keep the nutrition balanced.

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