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Three strokes teach you the correct walking to lose weight

Introduction: you walk right? First,standard is to hold your head high, belly in, hands swing side view must have the strength, the walk will have the result that reduce weight!
Want to thin the key is walking posture!
Walking to lose weight is not only pose problems, and the way of walking is also very important, generally lower body obese people, walk has given people the feeling is very heavy, also didn't see people, we heard the sound of footsteps, in the course of time will form a radish legs.
Exercise full foot in the Office.What is the full foot, you should focus on the leg, and then practice "full of feet" and go down the line, this way of walking can be composed.and not only the toes, the feet are to fall, then the strength of the lower abdomen, your chest nature will stand up.
Walk on the way to work to stride.When you walk.,forced up,you can have the effect of  thin waist, hips,  beauty back,if you hold your head high, belly in, and his arm moving range is larger, as women moves when the parade, girls make it a habit to hold out a bosom, or it will very not spirit.

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