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How to seize the heart of man woman in marriage must know

Introduction: love whether good or not, eventually you have to walk into marriage, many women think safety.But the marriage business is harder than the love .how to seize the man's heart, learn together.
1, you can not eat, but must drink Coffee
Explanation: you think eat less rice can lose weight, but you don't drink Coffee you're behind the times, because it is the symbol of women in the new era.
2, you can doesn't like shopping, but not don't like shopping
Explanation: according to the truth that no woman didn't like shopping, every woman is born with such natural, which is a manifestation of a love of life.
3, you can not always together, but not often contact with a friend
Explanation: a married woman or because the housework is a gathering of friends more and more far, but this does not mean that you do not need a friend, you have to use the phone often contact them.

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