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Away from the two major traps raise healthy water embellish skin

Abstract: we are in daily skin care work, but you need to have a look these nursing method Is it right? Correct skin care methods, many are familiar with is a misunderstanding. The two skin care mistakes you must be far away from.

After using the mask is not clean face

After finished the mask will not clean the skin,it is a habit for many people. Especially the use of sheet mask, after the deposition end face directly basic maintenance, this approach is wrong.

We're after mask skin surface will actually left a lot of essence, the essence that will be on the surface of the skin, it is the skin can not absorb, so in a timely manner to wash away. If you do not wash directly apply basic skin care products, then you will also because of the remaining essence plugging in the skin surface can not let the skin to absorb skin care products, and that will only make the skin care products are stuck on the surface of the skin, and can not really achieve the maintenance effect.

BB cream with sunscreen function will no longer use sunscreen

At present a lot of BB cream we sold has a sunscreen effect, so a lot of girls feel coated with sunscreen BB cream can save sunscreen. In fact, ultraviolet radiation in summer was unusually strong, BB cream and sunscreen are not professional enough, so it is not long nor comprehensive, impossible to achieve the best effect of sunscreen. In the summer if you want your makeup of both sun and fresh, then to finish the basic maintenance will be the right amount of BB cream and sunscreen evenly mixed and then applied to the skin, which can not only brighten complexion and can achieve good sunscreen effect. Of course, even though it is applied, if you long time outdoors must be painted.

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