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This face 60 years there will be no wrinkles

We wash a face in everyday, just know to wash your face every day can make your skin more clean, in fact we wash as long as we put something in the basin, we can let the skin become white and tender, elastic, what are we waiting for, not go to have a look whether.
Facial wrinkles order
Facial wrinkles appear what is the order? Expert introduction, people usually increases with age, especially after middle age, skin becomes rough, dry,water shortages, lack of elasticity, wrinkles.
Facial wrinkles order in general:
20 years old forehead gradually appear small wrinkles.
30 years old forehead wrinkles began to deepen and increase, the corner of the crow's feet.
40 years old the wrinkles significantly, upper and lower eyelid appear different degree of wrinkles.
50 the cheek part of nasolabial groove to deepen or cheek sag.
60-70 years of age, the wrinkles, deepen, facial skin and neck skin laxity.
70-80 years old appear around the mouth wrinkles, diffusion, mouth wrinkles,until his wrinkles diffusion.
Emerging from the facial wrinkles order we should not difficult to find, 20 years old should do skin care, prevent wrinkles.
When washing a face can add something
1. put a little salt in the water, it not only has the function of sterilization, can also eliminate oils on our face, especially those with oily skin, long-term use can remove oils on our face, so we were not easily long acne on the face.
2 if your face is dry skin, you can in your bowl appropriate to add a little honey.When washing a face, gently pat your face, use for a long time, can make your skin young l0, previously dry skin you will slowly disappear.
3 Put a little vinegar  in your wash, can make your skin smooth and elastic,because vinegar itself can change the skin pH value, long-term use it to wash our faces is not easy to zhangdou.
4 if you are working in the white-collar women face in front of the computer, in water plus a little Green Tea can resist radiation effectively, the role of tea islet us dry skin disappeared Not the least trace was found. Long term use can also make you thin skin pores. In life, as long as more then a little material can make our skin more shiny white.

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