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The women with cold uterus are easy to become older and have color spots

It is colder and colder, more and more women are suffering from the menoxenia, dysmenorrhea, as well as cold feet, cold hands and color spots. If you have these symptoms, you perhaps have cold uterus. The uterus is the organ which is afraid of cold. If you do not want to have worse and worse face. OK, from now on, you should carefully do the uterus maintain.

Warm uterus, our blood and gas are smooth, and have normal menstruation period.

If your uterus is suffering the cold, it is easy to have the dysmenorrhea, affect the normal pregnancy. Also it is easy to have the situations of color spots and rough skin.

Cold autumn is coming, be careful, do not be an old woman

In traditional Chinese medicine opinions, cold uterus is the state of lower function. It will lead to infertility, cold uterus will also lead to dysmenorrhea, chloasma, less sex desire and other symptoms.

In a word, warm uterus, good face. Cold uterus, get diseases.

Once you have the cold uterus, the first trouble is menstruation pains. The people who have the cold uterus breathe into some cold air, it will appear the situation of nervous twitch at once.

The chloasma and menstrual delay.

We are lazy at work because of cold, and there are a lot of remained wastes on face.

How to maintenance the uterus

1, Hormone trouble, be cautious to visit the beauty salon

If you are less than 35 years old, normal menstruation, smooth skin, don't often go to beauty parlour. Because many beauty salon will use a lot of so called natural whitening face mask in order to pursuit the aim of white skin, which will make our uterus thinner and thinner. If you must go to the beauty salon, you can bring your own to maintain products, thus you don't have to worry about product in hormone levels.  If you want to pursuit beauty, you can have a try on super slim. It is the drug which could help us to control our appetite. Soon you will be sexy and slim than before.

2. Eat deep sea fish

The women who often eat fish will be beautiful forever. French medical experts said, saury and deep sea fish contain a lot of OMEGA 3 fatty acids, which could inhibit prostaglandin secretion in women.http://www.superslim.us

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