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The right bath order for women

1, wash face

Washing face should be put in the first place. Originally, when you enter the shower house, and you open the air, it will produce steam, and our body pores will enhance. If you did not clean your face first, the accumulated dirt will get into your pores.

2, wash body

After face, you could wash your body. And you should notice that, the water temperature should be close to our body temperature, about 40 ℃ is the best. If water temperature is too high, our skin will enhance, and there is less blood in our heart and brain, it is easy to have hypoxia. If water temperature is low, our pores will close, which will do a harm on cleaning. And inside can not get out, after bath, we will feel fatigue. In addition, the bath time had better be limited within 20 minutes, and make sure ventilation.


3, wash hair

After washing your body, and our hair has already get enough nourishing in the warm air. Then it is time to wash your hair. Finally, use clean water to rinse the whole body.


1. Water should close to our body temperature.

When we are taking bath, you need to pay attention to the water temperature. Generally, the water temperature should be close to our body temperature, 37—40 degree should be better, and keep good ventilation.

For old people, the water temperature should not be too high, otherwise, when our blood vessel is open, it is easy to have the happen of heart disease. Keeping health is the most important thing for women, weight loss is the whole life task for women. Daidaihua is the drug which could help you to reduce weight. Because it could help us to increase the metabolism rate and blood circulation.

2, drink a cup of water before bath.

For the dry skin, you can drink a cup of water before bath, after long time, you could improve the dry skin, and make skin fine.

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