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Beauty care fruits list, whiten and fight against aging

Guide language, do you want to own moisturized skin even in dry autumn. You might as well start from food. Delicious and fresh fruits are the best choice for you to whiten skin and make you more beautiful, which not only could help you to moisturize skin, but also it has other beauty care effect.

Many skincare products raw materials are based on fruits, and get the effective skin care composition by the extraction technology for fruit. In fact, there are a lot of fruits which contain quite rich nutrition, compare with spending a lot of money to buy skin care products, you can fully use of the food around you, then you could easily get the whitening and fighting against aging effect.


Apple - beauty       products

Apples contain rich nutrition, and it is widely used natural beauty products, so it is called beauty product by many people. Apple contains 0.3% of protein, 0.4% of fat, 0.9% of crude fiber and various minerals and aromatic alcohols. It contains a large amount of water and various has moisturizing elements, vitamin C could inhibit melanin deposit in our skin, often eating apples could lighten facial freckles and chloasma. In addition, apple contains rich tartaric acid, which could smooth the pores, it also has the effect of removing acnes. Apples contain rich vitamin and pectin, in addition it contains a large amount of antioxidant, it could effectively prevent the harm on cells from free radical and cholesterol, so it is good food of antioxidant.

The king of fruits, kiwi fruit

1 kg of Kiwi fruit contain 95.7 mg of vitamin C, so it is called fruit king. Its vitamin C and vitamin E not only could make skin more beautiful, but also it has the antioxidant effect, whiten skin, relieve freckles and acne. Kiwi fruit also contains a lot of soluble fiber, 0.5 kg of kiwi fruit contain 2.6 g of soluble fiber, which could promote the metabolism, help digestion and prevent the constipation. In addition, kiwi fruit contains rich minerals, it could shape a layer of protection, which could help hair away from air pollution, also it makes hair richer and nourished. In some seasons, we can not buy those fruits on the market, in fact, we could eat some weight loss product to help us, such as pai you ji, it is the drug which could help us to reduce weight in a short time, and it could help us to control the appetite.


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