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The weak body women with cold uterus should eat more 3 black and 3 redfood

Guide language, cold uterus is the common disease for women, especially in summer, air condition room, cold drink. Those behaviours are easier to make our body feel cold.

Women not only have the situation of cold uterus, but also will have the abnormal leucorrhea, even will affect the pregnancy.

Uterus is part where is afraid of cold, in order to warm the uterus, we need to give us cold drink, often exercises, wear more clothing, red food could expel cold, and black food could warm uterus.

Chinese wolfberry

Although Chinese wolfberry has a good nourishing effect, not everyone is suitable to eat it. Because its effect of warming body is strong, when we are catching a cold, have a fever, and diarrhea, we can not eat it.

Black tea

Green tea and white tea are well known as the healthy drinks, but black tea has its special effect. And black tea contains tea xanthine, it is an antioxidant, it could promote the muscle pains after intensive exercises. Drinking black tea may also reduce the risks of a heart attack. Lida is also a kind of weight loss tea which could help us to increase the metabolism rate and blood circulation. And help you to keep slimming body figure.

Red beans

In traditional medicine opinions, red beans is sweet and acid, it has no poison. It has the effect of nourishing and make us stronger, care spleen and care stomach, urine and expel wet gas. Red beans are rich in vitamin B1, B2, protein and a variety of minerals. It could clear heart fire, at the same time, it could add blood and gas, and it is suitable to warm body and expel cold gas.

Black date

Black Jujubae is wild and sweet, it contains rich protein, sugar, organic acids, vitamin B, vitamin E, phosphorus, calcium, iron and other trace elements, eat it along with a variety of nutrition elements, it could have the effect of nourish kidney and stomach. And it could delay aging, strengthen our body, beauty care. So black Jujubae is called the nutrition warehouse, eating it regularly could add blood and add gas. And keep the cells.

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