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The glasses of water during the breakfast

Guide language, nutrition breakfast is the first step of concerning your health. Whether the traditional soy-bean milk is kind of boring? Breakfast is really important to health and work efficiency, if you want to eat more nutrition, you might as well have a try.

Science Breakfast: it includes cereals, animal food (meat and egg), milk, dairy products, fruits, vegetables and so on. The nutrition breakfast could be bread, egg, milk and fruit. In fact, a lot of people can not eat all.


Then, how to get the convenient and nutrition breakfast. Super nutrition breakfast is a cup of water:

Before a meal, you can drink a glass of aloe vera juice, which could help intestines and stomach to do sports. After 8 hours of sleep, our body will lose a large amount of water and nutrition. The storage sugar and water are losing. So our body is in the state of missing water. Before starting a day, we had better drink 250 ml of warm boiled water, slowly drink 250ml of warm water to start intestine activities. If you add some aloe powder in water, mix into a cup of aloe vera juice, which can help regulate intestines and stomach, and help detoxification.

A glass of aloe vera juice,which could help remove intestinal garbage

And the expert say that there are more than 200 kinds of composition, which are polysaccharide, anthraquinone class compound, organic acid, protein, amino acids, peptides and various trace elements, etc. Among it, polysaccharide can promote the growth of regulating cells, and improve the body's immune ability. It can help reduce the incidence of gastric ulcer, promote cell repair and gastrointestinal health.



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