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Do health care in the right time

1, please enjoy the sunshine at 8 ~ 10 AM and 4 ~ 7 p.m.

Enjoying the sunshine bath help calcium absorption and blood circulation. So it is helpful to do the sunshine bath. Too strong sunshine will hurt our skin. And ultraviolet radiation may also cause skin cancer. So you need to enjoy the sunshine bath at 8 ~ 10 a.m and 4 ~ 7 PM. Because at this time the sunshine is kind of weak, and it would not hurt our skin at the same time of promoting calcium absorption. In addition, at the time, the sun could still shoot beneficial ultraviolet ray beam, which could promote the storage of vitamin D.

2, drink tea one hour after meals

Drinking tea can not only help health care, but also it help fight against aging, which could do a help clean intestines. Therefore, many people take drinking tea as a method of health care. But not every tea is suitable for us to drink after meals. Drinking tea before meals dilute hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, and it will affect the absorption of iron and protein. After meals, you could also eat some lida daidaihua, it could do a help on the digestion.


3, doing exercises at dusk is more helpful than in the morning

In the morning, we just wake up. Our body organs have rested for the whole night. And our physical situation is low, so at the time, it is not suitable to take exercises. And at dusk, the plant have released the oxygen for a whole day. And the air is kind of fresh, and our physical state is at the highest point. At the time, we could get the effect of strengthening body figure.

4, get better skin care effect before sleep

Using skin care products before sleep, because our metabolism rate is the most active.

5, take a walking 45 minutes to 60 minutes after meals

Many people like to take a walking after meals, because it could help us to digest food, however, you can not take a waking at once after meals. When we are full, our stomach is in the state of fullness. Otherwise, our stomach will strongly shake, and it will affect our digestion ability.

6, drink milk before sleep

Because there is blood ammonia in milk, which have the effect of promoting sleep. Therefore, drink milk before sleep could make sure to improve sleep quality and have the calming down effect.

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