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Bad sleep women will be easier to become older

The harm of sleep deficiency

1, poor sleep will lead to various kinds of metabolic disorders, such as metabolism disorder, blood circulation disorder and muscle relaxation.

2, poor sleep will accelerate skin aging.

Poor sleep can lead to skin metabolism disorder, accelerate the aging skin, and it makes skin pale and produce wrinkles.

3, poor sleep will lower immnunity

Immunity could only be improved during the night and be in the best state. Poor sleep will lower the immunity, also improve the rate of all kinds of diseases.

4, poor sleep will cause brain function decline, and cause memory loss, inattentive, thinking poor judgment.

5, lower IQ.

If you sleep one less hour, your IQ will lower a level.

6, lack of sleep will cause early aging, which include the early aging of body organ and mind.

7, poor sleep can lead to endocrine disorders.

Under normal circumstances, sleep growth hormone will secret during sleep. When it is dark, our brain will increase produce more melatonin and reduce cortisol secretion. Poor sleep makes abnormal hormone secretion and appear a variety of discomfort. if a women have the trouble of endocrine disorder, she will be easier to be fatter. Lida is a very effective slimming product in the world. It could increase metabolism and blood circulation.



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