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Those kinds of people can't eat spicy food

1, Hemorrhoids patients

Hemorrhoids patients should notice that although chilli has rich vitamin C, and it could stimulate taste buds, and have bigger appetite in hot summer. Also chilli has a large amount of stimulation, and hemorrhoids patients are easy to have hemorrhoid venous hyperemia and edema, further worsen hemorrhoids, thus form anal abscess. In addition, it will worsen constipation.Fruta Planta Pill


2, the people who eat traditional Chinese medicine

Eating chilli will affect our Chinese medicine. Therefore, when we are taking in traditional medicine, we can not eat chilli food again. Taking Chinese traditional medicine, we should eat light food, not eat chilli and other stimulating food, otherwise it will cause other diseases. Due to the stimulation of capsaicin, also it will increase hydrochloric acid in gastric juice secretion, more stomach acid can cause gallbladder contraction, biliary sphincter spasm, cause bile out of difficulties, so as it will induce cholecystitis, biliary colic and pancreatitis.


3, cardiovascular disease  patients

Spicy food ingredients will increase circulating volume, increase heart beat, tachycardia, and take in a short time, which will cause acute heart failure or even death. Keeping healthy is one of the most important thing in our life, however, for women, keeping slim is one of another important things in the whole life. If you want to keep slim, you can have a try on Zi Xiu Tang, it is one of the best slimming products in the world. It could help us to reduce weight healthily, it could increase our metabolism and control our appetite.





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