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How to prevent carsickness

1, apply a small stick rheumatism plaster on navel

Do not look down on your navel, it is an important acupuncture point on pour body, before getting in the car, you can apply it, then you will not lose your direction. You can also apply a piece of ginger on navel, or spread several drops of cool oil, then apply the In navel before you can also put a piece of ginger piece, or to drop a few drops of wind on the belly button, then rheumatism plaster, then the effect will be better. Of course, if your skin is easy to be sensitive, you should be careful to stick rheumatism plaster. Otherwise, a large skin will be red. But you don't have to be worried, after few days, it will be better.

2, keep enough sleep before travel

Sufficient sleep will bring good spirit state, which could improve the fighting against exercises balance ability. Before traveling, you try not staying up late, then you will be energetic and hard to have carsickness.

3, do not be too hungry or too full before traveling, do not drink wine

You'd better not be too full, especially do not eat meat, otherwise, you will have the troubles of sickness and vomiting. Of course, you can not go out hungrily, otherwise, it is easy to have carsickness. Before travel, do not drink wine.Fruta Planta health life!

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