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The people who have stomach disease can not eat two kinds of fruits

Guide language, it is easy to have bad stomach in summer, then what if we have stomach pains in summer? What perspectives should stomach patients pay attention to?


The cause of bad stomach are personal food structure and misuse of antibiotics.

The traditional medicine has bigger side effect, and it will produce more stimulation to our stomach. During the period of killing bacteria, it will cause the dysbacteriosis, reduce stomach immunity, and repeat stomach troubles.


It is easy to have lithogenic by hawthorn

A lot of people think that hawthorn is sweet and acid, also it could be eaten as appetizer. However, it is easy to eat too much. For the people who have bad stomach and spleen, we need to eat less hawthorn, otherwise it will lead to gastric calculi. Because hawthorn contains high pectin and tannic acid content, after contacting gastric acid, it will produce insoluble starch, and if the starch touch food debris, it is easy to cause stomach stones, gastric ulcer, gastric hemorrhage and necrosis. But boiling hawthorn could reduce the influent of tannins.

Fresh red date will sting the stomach

Stomach patients can not eat too much red dates for one time, otherwise it will hurt stomach. Because there are high dietary fibers in red dates, if you eat too much at one time, it is easy to cause stomach discomfort. And dietary fiber is found in the skin of red date, and red date skin is hard and thin, if you are stomach patients, it will worsen your pains.


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