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For OL, some tips you need to know

According to a survey report, too much mental pressure will make you fatter. Will mental pressure make us fatter? Busy work and mental pressure will make office ladies tired, however, most people will reward themselves by food. Still, according to the report of Harvard researchers, it said that they do the tracking survey on 1355 America adults for 9 years. And finally, they got this conclusion. Compare with the pressure free people, the people who often feel big pressure will be easy to be fatter. According to another survey, it found that the people who are fatter are easy to feel mental pressure, and they will be fatter and fatter.

What is the relationship between hormone and fat

Thus research has clear psychological reasons, we have clear physiological base. It is said that when our body is under big pressure, a kind of hormone, adrenal cortical will secret more. At the same time, our body’s sugar and fat will go down bellow the normal situation. So our body will need the supply of energy, and under such situation, our appetite is bigger. But the adding heat quantity will be more than the amount we need, so it will cause more fat accumulation inside our body and cause the obesity.


Also we know that if our body cortisone levels are higher, your appetite will be bigger more than a banana, and you will extremely want to eat haagen-dazs ice cream, or other sweet food. Why? The reasons why our appetite will be bigger when we are busy and anxiety. In order to supply energy in time, our body will have the self-protection, and sweet food and high fat food could quickly provide high energy for us.


According to the related study, when our body carry heavy mental burden, high fat food and sweet food will be more delicious than before.



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