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5 lies of healthy eating

For the aim of keeping health, some people keep the sayings of healthy diet. But do you know that some healthy sayings are full of lies.

1, Brown bread is the whole wheat bread.

The people who pay attention to healthy diet often feel confused on the color of food. Brown bread is often considered as high nutrition food. However, it often the edible pigment added by the baker, because the brown is the color which attract buyers.health weight loss!

Notice, brown bread does not mean the whole wheat bread, you had better see the identification.

2, Butter toasted bread is more healthy than French fries

We all know that French fries contain much heat, then we will choose the toasted bread pieces which seems more healthy. But in order to get a better flavor, we will spread some butter when we are eating bread. In fact, compare with butter toast bread pieces and French fries, there are really small differences between grease contents, it contents nearly same starch, protein and minerals, so butter bread is not more healthy than French fires.

3, Green fruits don't need to wash, even green fruits, we need to wash carefully

Because there are invisible parasite eggs on fruits peel. If you eat them without washing, it is easy to get hurts from disease.

4, Sweetener help reduce weight

A lot of people know the fact that it is easy to gain weight by eating sugar, so some people have the misunderstanding that if we replace sugar with sweetener, we can naturally reduce weight.  But according to a research, some sweeter especially saccharin will accelerate the secretion of insulin, and the result is to make you to more rely on sugar.

5, Salad is a kind of healthy food, so it is popular.

The moisture in salad is up to 80%, we can get less nutrition from nutrition. Not only that, most women are not suitable to eat too much. Because female body figures are usually cold, eating too much salad will be easy to cause weak metabolism, bad blood circulation, unsmooth menstruation period, pale skin, even cause wrinkles.   And if you want to get a better toxin expelling effect, you can have a try on two day diet, which is one of the best weight loss products in the world. You can get a better slimming effect by eating it. Because it can help you increase your metabolism and blood circulation. At the same time, it can help you to control your appetite.


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